Yukiko front cover


by MacDonald Harris

Foreword by Dinah Birch

It is August of 1945. An American submarine, silent and hidden, moves toward the darkened coast of an island. Thus begins a book like no other book: partly an adventure-thriller set in wartime Japan, partly a glimpse into a primitive world in which the Ainu who still live in small settle­ments on Hokkaido are turned into a race of occult artificers, half real and half magic. Interwoven into this is what is surely one of the strangest sexual encounters in modern litera­ture. In spite of the electric air of calmness in which everything hap­pens, the suspense builds page by page. When the climax finally comes, it is a double one, as unexpected as it is inevitable.

Yukiko is one of the most brilliant creations of the acclaimed American writer MacDonald Harris.

From the Foreword:

"MacDonald Harris writes about reality, not fantasy; but he reminds us that our insights into reality might be a good deal narrower than we would like to admit. Absorbing, sobering and exhilarating, Yukiko confirms his standing as one of America’s finest novelists."

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